Teachers Make Excellent Franchise Owners


Teachers make excellent franchise owners for a variety of reasons. Why am I writing all this you may wonder? Having spent over 20 years as an educator I can tell you I thought teaching was my only career option. Feeling like I had little control over my career and lack of home/career balance, I needed out. Let me tell you why teaching is not the only career educators can do!

Teachers Make Excellent Franchise Owners

One of the primary skills that teachers possess is their ability to communicate effectively. Educators are used to presenting information to a group of people and ensuring that all understand it. This is essential in the business/franchise world, as effective communication is key to building relationships with customers and employees.

Teachers are also skilled at managing and leading a team. In the classroom, they manage a group of students and ensure that they are learning and growing. This requires delegating tasks, setting goals, and providing support and guidance. These skills are equally important in business as franchise owners must be able to manage and lead their team in order to achieve success.

In addition to their communication and leadership skills, teachers are also highly adaptable and able to quickly think on their feet. The education world is constantly changing, and teachers must be able to adapt to new technologies, teaching methods, and curriculum in order to effectively educate their students. This ability to swiftly change is essential as a franchise owner, where change is often, and the willingness to pivot is key to success.

“Another reason teachers make good franchise owners is that they are highly organized and efficient. Educators are used to juggling multiple tasks, deadlines, and are skilled at prioritizing and managing their time effectively. This is crucial for business ownership as the ability to manage time and resources is essential for growth and profitability.”

John Keating

English Teacher

Finally, teachers are known for their dedication and commitment to their work. They are passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of their students. Franchise owners need to be passionate about their business, including their employees and customers. Even as absentee owners, they still need to check in periodically to ensure their franchise success.


So if you are a teacher or know one that is burnt out and ready to have more control over their career, you can see teachers would make excellent franchise owners. They may not have great confidence that they are well-suited for success in the business world however, their excellent communication and organizational skills, ability to manage and lead, adaptability, and dedication DO make them excellent franchise owners. Call us as we would love to help you find your next career!

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